Saturday, January 23, 2016

It is New Years and there is plans and stuff and.....we don't know why but they are there.

It's 2016. I don't know what that means really, but everyone is making a big deal about it.

It means it is a new year and everyone wants to do lots of things so they make plans and try and keep them and most don't.

You're the same age as me, Sammy. How do you know so much?

I'm smarter than you

Are not.

Then how do I know so much more?

Because Jack tells you things she won't tell me

I just listen better.

What are you two doing?

Making plans about what we will do this year and how it will be better and more fun than what anyone else has planned.

We are?

Aren't we supposed to?

I guess so.

What are our plans then?

Annoy Jack.

That's not a real plan and you already do that.

Yes. I don't want to annoy her.

Fine. What do you two want to do?

Fight a Dragon.

Cross a Troll Bridge.

Read books.

Become Knights.


And Rangers.

Write another book

Yes, the last one was fun.

And maybe finish the other two we started....

That too. And run away from home.

Can we do that?

Sure. It'll be fun. We'll pack peanut butter and run away.

Can we come back once we've finished running way?

Of course! Jack has cookies. We always have to come back.

Okay, we can run away then this year.

Can we take cookies when we run away?

You have to. It's the rule of running away.

Okay. I will run away with you two.

Good! It wouldn't be any fun without Clara. Maybe we can take Jack into watching a movie tonight though, since we can't go tonight.

I think she wouldn't mind.....


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  1. Chocolate sandwich cookies are the best running-away-from-home cookies according to Frances the Badger. *nods*
    Have fun!


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