Saturday, January 16, 2016

We had Christmas!

This is a late post. Because Jack....

You should stop blaming everything on Jack.

Fine. Because Sammy....

Never mind

Let's just tell everyone about our Christmas.

Good idea, Clara

This is when we woke up and got to open our presents under the tree.

Sammy really got to open his first but the pictures are out of order.
I wanted to let Clara go first since she is a girl but she and John both made me
Because you've been nice and kept John nice this year
Sometimes I need help keeping nice. But since the pictures are out of order and since I don't know how to fix have to see me open mine first.

I ripped the paper as bitty as I could...kind of. I got distracted when I got to the present inside.

Jack made me a 4th Doctor scarf!!

Mine is out of order too. John made me go second.

Jack made me a green Ranger cloak! I can wear it when I use my Gullwhacker.

It is my turn now.

I ripped my paper more than John, which I don't get to do very often.

Jack made me a quiver for my arrows! I am a real archer now

We also had a nice Christmas breakfast of pancakes. And we would have gone sledding but Jack broke her rib

It might mean no sledding this year.

But we try not to talk about it because then Jack really wants to go and might and might break the rib again.

So we are all good and make her edit and have inside games and don't whine and complain....I haven't even eaten all her cookies!

Merry Late Christmas everyone!

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