John Boswell

My name is John Boswell. I am a baby, and I am a hedgehog. I don't go to school but I know how to read and I write. I like listening to music if it is called Owl City, and I like Brown Wizards and cookies but I do NOT like bananas because they are mushy.

Even though I am a baby I have a job. I help an author named Jack Lewis Baillot. I make sure she does all the important things like write, sleep, and eat. 

I like doing other things too. I like going on walks and bike rides and swimming. I like sleeping and I really like eating. And I like flying and time traveling and dressing up in kilts.
Someday I want to travel to the moon and jump on it really high because you can do that on the moon. And someday I want to fly in an air plane and then crash it into a sand dune and then ride on a ship with a pirate. And I want to go to a place called Redwall and eat a big feast and then go and fight off the bad animals.

You can read all about my adventures on here, adventures I share with Jack. And we have a lot, because she is an author, and I am her pet.

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  1. I love the way you write. Thank you so much for this, it's heartwarming and very creative an very fun to read. :)


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