Clara Pond

 Hello. It was nice you came to see us. My name is Clara Pond. I'm a baby hedgehog who lives with Sammy and John and Jack. Jack is an Author and we help her write, and remind her to do things besides write. Not as well as John does, but he was here first and knows all about how to do that. I'm still learning.

 I like reading books and playing outside, especially in the summer and spring because that is when I can go on adventures and have fun with Sammy and John.
 The books I like best are books that go into other worlds. Like the Narnia books, any of those kind are my favorites.

 When it gets cold I like to sit in front of a warm fire with fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate and read. I do go out and play though too. I build snowmen and have snowball fights - then I come in and get warm and drink hot chocolate.

 I share this blog with Sammy and John and I write with the lines so everyone who reads it can tell who is who. 

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