Sammy Smith

 My name is Sammy. I'm a baby moose and I'm friends with John and Clara. I like to read and play outside in the spring and summer. When it is cold I like to build snowmen and write. I like snowball fights too. And cake. And bananas even though John doesn't. 

 I don't talk much. I like to hide in corners and play spy and listen more than talking. I watch movies with my friends, I like them best if they are the animated kind. And someday I want to go to Redwall and eat dinner, because they have good dinners.

 I write on here with my friends, and I write with the slanty words, in case you were curious about who is who.

 I also like Dragons. I'm going to meet one someday and be his friend. I read a book where a rabbit became a Dragon's friend so I know a moose can too.

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