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 Under the Willow
 Written by John Boswell.
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 This was my NaNo book which I wrote in 2012 and which Jack is going to help me publish soon. I wrote it before I met Sammy and Clara so it was just by me. Now I write with them.

 Here is what this one is about.

There is a willow that grows by the river and under the willow there lives a family of mice. Nothing exciting ever happens to them, until the day a brother and a sister leave the willow to have an adventure. Sometimes adventures are fun, and sometimes they are scary, but usually they are both.

Their adventure has a lot of both.

Down the River
Written by John Boswell

This was my 2013 NaNo book, also written before I met Sammy and Clara. It is a squeal to the first book and is about the brother and sister and their hedgehog friend and their adventure when they go down the river in a boat. Like the book The Wind in the Willows.

    The Quest
    Written by John Boswell, Sammy Smith, and Clara Pond

 Our 2014 NaNo book and the first we are writing together. A king is kidnapped and locked up in his dungeon and three friends, Thomas, Myles, and Tilly, go to find a sword so they can free him and help him save the kingdom.

The Zeppelin
Written by Sammy Smith, John Boswell, and Clara Pond

Beldon stows away on a Zeppelin to escape London, England. Instead he meets the captain and his passenger, and discovers their secrets. Together they join together to save China, and maybe even the world.

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